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when did inhalants start

You may have similar questions as How Much Do Inhalants Cost and When Did Inhalants Start,or you may also seek several useful information about What Age Do People Start Using Inhalants. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Where Did Inhalants Originate from,too. Read more as following:

Inhalants are used by different types of people because it can be found everywhere, at workplace, at home, in the kitchen so on and so forth. There is no clear evidence when it started because this is also being manufactured by many.

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How Much do Inhalants Cost?

Inhalants can cost as low as $1.00 because some people have even used regular house glue, hairspray, nail polish remover, or paint as inhalants…. More »

When did inhalants start?

1970…. More »

What age do people start using inhalants?

Anyone at any age can start using inhalants, but usually it can start around 9 or 10 and then go on until death. It may feel like you have no care in the world for those couple seconds, but it could kill you on first use. The most heavy users though… More »

What happens if you inhale starting fluid containing ethyl ether?

You Die !… More »

What should you do it you accidentally inhale starting fluid?

Call the doctor/hospital right away, and read the warning label on the container (if there is one). Call 911 or the police, if you don’t know, or have, a doctor/hospital to call…. More »

What was Bret Farve inhaling before start of championship game?

I know lots about things like this. Once when I was at MIT Bret Farve was my roommate in the next dorm over before he were kicked out for snorting quarks and bozons. I think he was a problem snorting quarks and bosons…. More »

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  1. Hugo96 says:

    I’m doing an essay on inhalant abuse for school. I want to know how the people who use inhalants act while high. Do they laugh a lot? do they act stupid and hyper? stuff like that.

  2. Tony Biondo says:

    I am a senior in high school and would like to start an internship now to become an event planner or a wedding planner. This is the career I hope to pursue after high school. Does anyone know any internship opportunities in the 95014 area?

  3. Dumbgirl says:

    I dont mean the actual drugs, but the categories. My guess is Narcotic, Depressant, and hallucinogen, but is there anything else. What about inhalants??

  4. James Shelley says:

    I just started huffing a year ago how do i get it outnof my system

  5. Yumi says:

    Recently I’ve been huffing white out, and I read that it kills alot of brain cells. Ever since I started I’ve realized that I’ve been forgetting alot of things. So does killing brain cells make you forget things?

  6. Vance says:

    I use them all the time cus i started when i was 12 and im 13 now and i still use them alot and i just used them now cus i got high of desktop cleaner and is embarrasing but i cant stop cus its really addicting but i want to stop.

  7. Jennifer Miles says:


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