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Are bananas bad to eat when your sick?

Bananas are bad for you, according to Chinese medicine! Allegedly, if you catch a cold, you should not eat “cold fruits!” Ok, sounds logical, but what exactly is a cold fruit?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Daniella Reply:

    Handle each piece of fruit before placing it in your shopping cart. If the fruit smells fermented or rotten, it is overripe, and not safe to eat. Green bananas will be ready in a few days, while heavy, aromatic, slightly soft peaches Unseen insect eggs, or fermentation of the fruit juices in overripe fruit, can make you very sick. Detail:

  2. Tomasa Reply:

    My stomach is not hurting me and I do not stay in bathroom to long. I eat many bananas every day and I like it. Doctors tell you that too many is bad for you because it is bad for business Eating Too Much Sugar Shortens Lifespan · Abdominal pressure, sick feeling sweating near fainting when · Therapy

  3. Ivonne Reply:

    it depends on how bad the food was to begin with More:

  4. Jackelyn Reply:

    You can eat an entire banana except for the skin which has to be peeled off. More:

  5. Paz Reply:

    Excessive Potassium can be a problem, but I doubt you could eat enough bananas to trigger it. I understand that the Durian fruit is so high in potassium that it can be a health problem for certain individuals. More:

  6. Shayne Reply:

    Are bananas bad for you if a day. This isn’t very often though, I only buy bananas about you eat too many? Sometimes I’ll eat up to 5 bananas once every two months or so. I

  7. Noemi Reply:

    Honestly!!!I have a couple of lite beers for cramps!!!lol! Get a lot of fiber so everything continues to move smoothly and dont weigh yourself because youre retaining water! Also!!!go exercise!! always good for cramps! Well exercise first!!then have two beers and a bowl of all-bran! That should do it!

  8. Keira Reply:

    my cat used to eat small amounts of coconut oil, he loved the stuff so much hed get heard the tub just like he would with fish etc and he never got sick or any reaction i dont see why eating bananas would be bad for them, and as for playing

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