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Can you put neosporin on your eye?

No! Neosporin is for use only on your skin! Avoid getting this medicine in your mouth, nose, or eyes! If it does get into any of these areas, rinse with water! If you have an injury to your eye, see an ophthalmologist for appropriate treatment! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Maureen Reply:

    Styes can be quite uncomfortable issues with your eyes and are sometimes not the Though they are pimples, it is not a good idea to put pressure on them. Neosporin is an anti-biotic that is proven to help with styes. You will NOT want to try this at home, as it can be dangerous to your eye, vision, and self in general. Detail:

  2. Gwyneth Reply:

    Short of taping my eye closed and putting a bandage over it for a couple of Can you use spit or neosporin to stick a piece of tissue (like one

  3. Jenise Reply:

    When applying eye makeup, first apply the color to your brow bone and lid. Next add some color to the crease of your eyelid. Last apply contour in a shape like a sideways V. For a finishing touch, you can apply some eyeliner. More:

  4. Noel Reply:

    The key to proper eye makeup application is to learn proper technique, and take your time. Find colors that are complimentary to your eyes and skin tone, and don’t have a heavy hand. More:

  5. Eleonora Reply:

    Eye shadow application can be tricky. Some brands have instructions based on the colors you bought, right on the back of the container. You can also try going to a cosmetics counter in your local department store for tips. More:

  6. Chanelle Reply:

    after you apply the eye glue,can you still put eye shadow and eye liner on?you put eye makeup before or after?

  7. Polly Reply:

    Oh man, I have eczema too and I really sympathize with your situation! My favorite thing for eczema is Burts Bees hand salve which I also use as a conditioner for my eyelashes so I know it doesnt burn or feel weird when it gets in your eyes! Also, it makes your skin very slick so I think it might help with the sticking you mentioned! Oatmeal is safe for the eyes but I might recommend using regular black tea to clean the wounds (I say this because it kills germs and is safe for the eyes)! Also, Burts Bees res-q ointment really helps heal minor cuts quickly! I swear Im not a Burts Bees rep, just hang with me here! I put it on my cuts from scratching eczema and it heals them usually overnight! I really hope this helps! Good luck to you and feel better!

  8. Chanel Reply:

    The will also probably have confirmation classes to help train you how to show your dog You think your dog has a cold in his eye can you put neosporin

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