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Does tea cause a miscarriage?

Non-medicinal teas will not cause a miscarriage! Caffeine, however, may be harmful to the developing fetus! Drink decaf tea! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Celina Reply:

    The tea probably does not have enough potency to cause a miscarriage but it is safer for pregnant women to avoid it both internally and externally. Detail:

  2. Karolyn Reply:

    MISCARRIAGE TEA: SAFE, NATURAL, EFFECTIVE, DISCREET. Ephedra tea causes uterine contractions and is useful to initiate menstruation. For otherwise healthy adults who do not have high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma,

  3. Stasia Reply:

    As all pregnancies are different, taking any drug, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, should be discussed with your physician. Alcohol can effect a pregnancy at any stage. Some other medications to get more information from your OB are… More:

  4. Stephen Reply:

    To cause a miscarriage, the whom needs to endure great hardship. For example, a blunt force or chemical imbalance can cause the baby to be lost. This, of course, should never purposefully be done! More:

  5. Justa Reply:

    Miscarriages can be caused by a number of things, only a doctor can tell you what actually caused a miscarriage. However, some of the things that can cause a miscarriage are stress, age, illnesses, diseases, chromosomal abnormalities, hormo… More:

  6. Dena Reply:

    Pennyroyal tea to induce a miscarriage friend from work Tina’s the other morning, we had been up drinking? Is this safe? I woke up in my and fooling around the night before (w

  7. Michal Reply:

    well maybe if you drink it constantly it might! my obgyn never told me that! i never changed my diet! i ate pork, unpasteurized cheese, fish, tea, chocolate, cloves, etc and i gave birth to a 9 lb 10 oz baby who is developing mentally at an incredible rate! :)

  8. Marry Reply:

    Evening primrose and rasberry tea can cause miscarriage, also large amounts of cinnamin and vitamin C can cause it as well.Quite the contrary!Vitamin C you

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