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How can I Clean Opiates Out of my System

You may have such questions as How Can I Cleanse My Body of Opiates and How Do I Pass an Opiate Drug Test,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to List of All Opiates,too. Read more as following:

From my knowledge as a nurse, there is no real way to clean drugs such as opiates out of your system faster. They will stay in your blood system for 4 to 7 days depending on how much you have had. You could try to drink plenty of water to wash the medicine out but that is not a guaranteed fix.

How can i cleanse my body of opiates

Drinking lots and lots of water and cranberry juice can help cleanse your body of opiates. This will take some time to accomplish however and won't be a quick fix.... More »

How to pass an opiate drug test?

1. Abstain from using opiates. The only foolproof method of passing stringent and detailed drug tests is by not allowing the substances in your body to begin with. 2. Dilute your urine sample. If your drug test is carried out in a closed bathroom, di... More »

How Long do Opiates Stay in Your System?

Opiates such as Opium, also known as China, Laudanum and Paregoric, among others, will stay in your system for 1-2 days if you are a casual user. For the daily, heavy user opium can be detected sometimes for 30 or more days.... More »

How to Clean Opiates from System?

To clean opiates from your system, you need to stop doing drugs. Start drinking lots of water. It will take up to a month to get all of the opiates out of your system.... More »

How to Flush Opiates in Your System?

Flushing opiates from your system is not as easy as buying a mix from your local GNC. People who abuse opiates usually have a physical addiction which means that they need to go through detox first. This can be dangerous if not done under the care of... More »

What Drugs are Considered to be Opiates?

Drugs that are considered to be opiates are drugs that have opium ingredients in them. These include heroin, opium, and many prescription painkillers.... More »


  1. Panda! Reply:

    I recently had my knee operated on and they gave me Vicodin for the post-op. When I take the drug I feel like I have a urge to clean everything. Like do the dishes, the laundry or just straighten up an entire room. Does anyone know why?

  2. Laurie Reply:

    I know they take people who use to smoke marijuana in the past but what about opiates?

  3. Eliza Reply:

    How much vinegar do you have to drink to clean system?

  4. Bibeth Reply:

    How long does percocet show up in urine in a court drug test?
    Four days ago i took a percocet 15mg, does any one know if it will still be in my system tomorrow?

    Does any one know the half-life of percocet?
    I weigh about 140 if that matters.


  5. Devin Reply:

    I gave my girlfriend half of one of my 7.5mg Lortabs, and she got called by an employer for a job and they want her to take a drug test tomorrow. Also if she took some of those system cleaner you can get at GNC would that help her pass it?

  6. Reginald Reply:

    I have been on 100mg’s a day of methadone, and now I have been on 56 mg’s for the past 3 weeks. I want to know WHEN or How low does my methadone does have to be, before I can feel the euphoric high of any opiates???

  7. Chocolate C Reply:

    I took 5MG of Methadone, 15MG of Morphine, and 7.5MG of Oxycodone in 24 hours at different times. I have no tolerance and a fast metabolism. I also workout everyday. How long before this is out of my system for urine? Are there any ways I can make sure it leaves my system faster?

  8. Words Reply:

    I have very little body fat, been taking about 3 lortabs everyday for about 2 and half weeks. About how long before my system is clean if I start drinking mroe water and exercising?? Please do not rpeach to me, I am not dumb I know it is bad.

  9. Kyrsten Reply:

    I had a root canal done about three weeks ago and had to take medicine for the pain…how long does it take for it to get out of your system?Does anyone know?

  10. Emily~ :’) Reply:

    I have been using about 20-30 mg of oxycodone for about 10 days. I have a drug test coming up in 14 days. Will 14 days be long enough to have my urine clean for the drug test? I am 6’0, 165 pounds and work out occasionally.
    My question is will all opiates be out of my urine in 2 weeks?

  11. My Dogs Are My Life Reply:

    I took one vicoden pill last night and I am getting drug tested tomorrow, will i pop for opiates?

  12. Bigg Reply:

    I havent taken any opiates in about 4 months. If i take one wednesday morning, and then detox and take my drug test thursday afternoon will the hydrocodone show up ?
    Ps it is a urine test !

  13. Lion Of Judah! I Love Jesus! Reply:

    I need to clean my system out and dont have the 50 bucks to buy a drink can i use green tea and water?And for those smart ass people out there i know i shouldnt have used them in the first place.

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