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How can I help myself stop throwing up from a sick stomach?

Take anti-nausea medicine! Also, eating crackers and drinking Sprite or 7-up can really help to settle your stomach! You should never make yourself throw up! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Norene Reply:

    Headaches, coupled with severe vomiting or eventual dry heaving, have While it might not help you stay sober longer, it certainly won't help you get The key is to not forget to keep your body hydrated. When your stomach starts to settle down, you should eat something, but don't gorge and upset your stomach again. Detail:

  2. Lenna Reply:

    By letting yourself throw up, you expel whatever is making you sick, and believe Serious stomach bugs can be deadly, so get help if your condition doesn’t . the stomach bug. it started about 11 and stopped throwing up around 2. have . iv jus tried 2make myself sick there and bile is only cumin up its makin my stomach

  3. Vannessa Reply:

    there are some medicine that your doctor can prescribe you for your nausea (because this might be caused as a side effect from the antibiotic that you are taking), but since you say that you will be off to your trip in a few hours what i ca… More:

  4. Janel Reply:

    I did this when I had morning sickness, and then I was fine the rest of the day: drink a large glass of lukewarm water, and bend over the toilet. Stick your tongue forward and try to gag. You might need to do abdominal tightening imitating … More:

  5. Dee Reply:

    Acid refluxtreatments: If you smoke, stop. Avoid foods & beverages that worsen symptoms. Lose weight if needed. Eat small, frequent meals. Wear loose-fitting clothes. Avoid lying down for 3 hours after a meal. Antacids may help, but talk yo… More:

  6. Chaya Reply:

    I feel like throwing up after only able to eat soft I eat and but my I am hungry, am I getting sick? I just got my wisdom stomach hurts so much when teeth last week and was fo

  7. Billye Reply:

    Talk to your doctor!

  8. Hisako Reply:

    The stomach is a muscle and if you induce vomiting your stomach will not know when to stop purging the food you eat and you are in big trouble! Click on the related Question below 'How can you get help for an eating disorder? If you are really sick and you force yourself to puke it makes you feel a lot better but if your

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