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How do I Remove Thc from my Body

You may have such questions as How Can I Remove Thc From My Body and How To Remove Thc From The Bloodstream,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Fastest Way To Remove Thc From Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Quick Ways to Pass a Drug Test,too. Read more as following:

There are some great ways to flush and remove THC from your body. These are not guaranteed to rid the body of all traces of it. You can drink a lot of water to help flush the system. You can also use vinegar to drink, it will lower the pH of your urine.

How can i remove thc from my body?

THC is the main chemical in the drug marijuana. To get this out of your system, stop smoking. Start drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. You can also buy a system cleanse kit at your local GNC or tobacco shop.... More »

How to Remove Thc from the Bloodstream?

To remove THC from the bloodstream you need to cleanse your body. Drink a lot of water or do a lot of exercise that causes you to sweat.... More »

What is the fastest way to remove THC from body?

activated charcoal.... More »

How do I Cleanse my Body of Thc?

You can cleanse your body of THC a few different ways. There are some system cleans you can purchase that promise to clear out your system. You can also drink A LOT of water and wait about 2 weeks to make sure that you don't have any still left in yo... More »

How to Remove Thc from Your System?

THC should not be in your system at all, but if it is and you absolutely need to get rid of it, a few home remedies are drinking a whole jar of pickle juice or consuming large quantities of mustard.... More »

How Long does Thc Remain in the Body?

THC is the main chemical in marijuana. This can stay in your system for an average of 30 days. If you need to get this out of your body, stop smoking.... More »


  1. Lyllien Reply:

    i need to pass a drug test next thursday…..only people with a honest and true answer please respond.

  2. Gangsterjoe Reply:

    I’ve been around marijuana and have had some marijuana on one occasion, I am required to take a medical examination to apply for the police force. How long does marijuana stay in your body? So I can take the examination without any traces being found.

  3. Spider Pig Reply:

    I was wondering if the generic detox kits that you can pick up at a local health food or vitamin store remove THC from the body?
    Not from a hair follicle test, a urine test.

  4. Adele Reply:

    I haven’t smoked for over 3 weeks and I’m still coming up dirty and I have a drug screen for work coming up.

  5. Xmedicalbreakthrewx Reply:

    Does drinking lots of water everyday help?

  6. Sammy Gabbie My Poos! Reply:

    Say someone had 10 days to cleanse their body of THC before taking a urine test, is there anyway it can be done?
    Other than detox kits. I have one but it says nothing about removing THC from the body, it is simply a generic detox kit that I picked up at the local vitamin store.

  7. Chocolate C Reply:

    I need some ideas how to completely rid yourself of THC. Does working out help? Does sweating in a sauna help? Or should I just flush?

  8. Axesmellsgr8 Reply:

    I have to take UA’s and I have THC in my system and I need it out now. Please don’t say bleach or drink a lot of water because that is not true. THC is fat saluable not water saluable so please, I need some actual help on this. This is very important and I know I shouldn’t have smoked also.

  9. Asher Reply:

    I quit smoking marijuana for good. Will never smoke again. Its not worth the trouble any longer. I want to remove the thc from my body once and for all.

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