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How Long can Xanax be Detected

You may have such questions as How Long Is Xanax Detected In Urine and How Long Is Xanax Detectable In Urine Test,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is Xanax Classified as. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Long Does Xanax Remain in the Body,too. Read more as following:

A drug like Xanax can be detected in your system for about four to five days after you stop taking them. This depends greatly on your dosage and your weight and drinking and eating habits.

How long is xanax detected in urine?

up to 3 days is what is said but to be safe i would wait 7.... More »

How long is xanax detectable in urine test?

how long is klonipin detectable in urine test.... More »

What are Loritabs and Xanax classified as?

Loritab is an Opiate, Xanax is a Benzodiazapine. Xanax is in the same family as Valium, but has a shorter half life, this increases the euphoria assiciated with the drug.... More »

How long can xanax be detected by drug tests?

3 days. Depending on the type of test used. Strip, spectro, gas. The sensitivity and accuracy ot the test will vary greatly. Strip test ( used by probation, parole, and some Methadone clincs) are by far the least accurate and sensitive. If you are lo... More »

How long can xanax be detected by a swab?

XANAX can be detected right away I work as a MA in Pain Management Any drugs are detected as soon as 4 mins after the test, Thank You... More »

How detectible is xanax in a mouth swab drug test?

If the test include panel for Benzodiazepines / Xanax, Valium,Serax, etc../ detection time will be 1-3 days to 5-7 days/ and longer for habitual user. This web provide phone consultations and may help you more, I used for a hair test, same company I... More »


  1. Amber Wydell Reply:

    A friend has a UA to do and we are a little worried, the results will decide the future of childrens lives.

  2. Psychoreu Reply:

    im sure someone knows, i jusy hope its not like weeks or something.

  3. Aprajita Reply:

    Im wanting to know how long blood tests can detect drugs in your system. Any and all answers on any and all drugs are wanted. thank you for your help.

  4. Gokusanyy Reply:

    my hubby and i are trying to get preg and im actually sorry to say but at one point he was on cocaine. Can guys or girls tell me how long does it take to get over that. Please let me know thanks again for the response.

  5. Herander Reply:

    If you take only one .25 mg xanax and thats it. How long can it be detected in your system. Im thin, good metabolism, never use them at all except this once. What is the approx. detection time?

  6. Ashkan, J. Reply:

    my husband has to take a drug test for work tomorrow and yesterday he took one 1 mg xanax to help him sleep. is he screwed? i know he shouldn’t have taken the pill, i’m not to happy about this whole situation.

  7. Kia Z Z Reply:

    If you take only one .25 mg xanax and thats it. How long can it be detected in your system. Im thin, good metabolism, never use them at all except this once. What is the approx. detection time?

  8. Donthatexd Reply:

    If one takes 0.25 mg of xanax, can it be detected in a drug screen and if so, how long must you wait to be sure it won’t be detected before taking a urinalysis?

  9. Enid C Reply:

    I am curious–if taking small doses for sleep, like .25 – .5mg every 1-2 days on a regular basis, how long will it be detectable in urine after discontinuation? This is in a 150 lb, 5’8″ female who exercises 4 times per week. It is legally prescribed; not worried, merely curious.

  10. Liliana De La Serna Reply:

    I have a drug test coming up,I’ve been taken xanax a couple times in the past days,I will like to know when It will get out my body and if there’s anything I can take or drink to clean my body from it.

  11. Lily Grain Reply:

    How long can benzodiazapines (like Xanax, and valium) stay in your system to where they can be detected in a urinalysis?

  12. Don Reply:

    The escreen detected something and sent my urine to a lab. I am wondering if it will show up and prevent me from getting a job.

  13. Laranda Jordan Reply:

    I am a 125 pound male. Monday morning I took 30mg of Adderall. Monday night I took 1mg of Xanax. I may have to take a urine drug test this week and was wondering how long it takes for these to be undetectable in the test.

  14. Abood Reply:

    I have a drug test coming up.. (Urine) I need to know how long it will stay in my system?

  15. Zhy Reply:

    If someone was a healthy 19 year old Male who drank alot of water. How long would 2mg of Xanax stay in his system(assuming that this is the first and only time he has taken it)? How long before it will no longer be detected by a test?

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