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What can you eat to make you poop?

Laxatives are medicines that increase the ease of bowel movements! Laxatives are available for the relief of mild constipation! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shanta Reply:

    Feb 19, 2011 One of the grossest things you may ever see is a dog eating poop. Proven techniques and even medicine a vet can prescribe can help your Detail:

  2. Lezlie Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Foods high in fiber will make you poop such as prunes, broccoli, turnips, nuts, and bran cereal!

  3. Vernell Reply:

    Stool eating in dogs, called coprophogy, is undesirable but not abnormal. Many other types of animals engage in this behavior. The exact reason why dogs eat poop is unknown, but there are many contributing factors. More:

  4. Dawn Reply:

    Dogs have long been dubbed "Man’s Best Friend," but man’s best friend tends to have some pretty gross habits. One of the worst may be eating feces, whether it be their own or that of other animals. There are many reasons why dogs do it, fro… More:

  5. Un Reply:

    Coprophagia is the term for puppies and dogs that eat their poop. It may be acceptable behavior to them, but certainly not to their owners. Finding the reason for it is the first step in correcting it. More:

  6. Herta Reply:

    Why is it porn actors sign sex? Is it for the love to make this disgusting Scat of $$ that make them eat poop?

  7. Megan Reply:

    Blueberries or other high-in-iron foods!(:oh!!!and cakes with green food colouring!!!Im sure there was a lot of green poop a day or 2 after St! Paddys!

  8. Tessie Reply:

    What does poop do to you if you eat it? Would almost certainly make you sick because of all the bacteria. And you would puke and vomit. it is full of bacteria. its

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