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What happens if you take expired prescription medicine?

While most prescription medicines lose potency after their expiration dates,many can become toxic!Sometimes there is no difference Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dian Reply:

    Be sure you learn the hazards associated with your medication before you even consider taking it after it has expired. Use common sense when it comes to expired medication. With the rising cost of medicines and prescriptions these days, many people are risking their What Happens When Contacts Lenses Expire? Detail:

  2. Alexia Reply:

    Apr 11, 2008 happen if you took them now. Thank you, Diney. Dear Diney,. The expiration date on both prescription and non-prescription medications

  3. Calista Reply:

    TAKE IT TO A DRUG STORE, MOST PHARMACIES WILL DISPOSE OF THEM FOR YOU SAFELY. Or: Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet or drain unless the label or accompanying patient information specifically instructs you to do so. For informa… More:

  4. Bernie Reply:

    Do not throw your expired medicine in the trash or flush them down the toilet. In the trash and they may be scavenged by children or animals . The effects of having medicine flushes into the water system is also unknown, so look at other wa… More:

  5. Jaye Reply:

    When medicine has expired, it’s important to dispose of it, no matter how expensive it might have been to purchase. Chemical changes can take place after the expiration date making it useless or even toxic. Dispose of medications properly, … More:

  6. Lynetta Reply:

    Can I take expired Prescription dry a week or so and-up medicine? Hi im a 20 y-nasal drip with a sore throat/o male and Ive had post and runny nose for about I was wondering i

  7. Karan Reply:

    I work for an FSA Administrator! Ive seen you post this same question multiple times before, because I look for questions that contain FSA or Flexible Spending in them!It is clear that you are not asking a question here, but you are using Yahoo! Answers to make a political statement! That clearly violates the terms and conditions of Yahoo! Answers!If you want to rant, please find a forum or blog where that would be more appropriate!

  8. Cori Reply:

    What can happen if you take an expired prescription of Cephalexin 500mg cap? Answer It! In: Medication and Drugs, Antibiotics categories]. Save or

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