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What if I have no money to buy medicine?

To help diarrhea with out medicine make sure to drink plenty of water and eat very little of bland foods like rice and bread! It should pass in a day or two! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lakeisha Reply:

    If they do not know of any such discounts, get from them the phone number of How to Save Money On Prescription Drugs (without Insurance) Many people make the dangerous assumption that they can't purchase health insurance without Detail:

  2. Brittanie Reply:

    Oct 14, 2008 I do not have any money so am sending you this drawing I did of a spider If you have already made this payment please contact us within the

  3. Sherrill Reply:

    Use store brands. They’re cheaper than name brand over-the-counter medicines and work well for most people. Ask the doc. See if there are lower cost alternatives to what he prescribes for you. Look for rebates. Many of the leading drug stor… More:

  4. Brandie Reply:

    Be frugal and be patient. Follow the advice that your mother taught you when you were young: Rest, get lots of fluids, eat chicken soup, and be patient. Avoid duplication. For health and financial reasons, you should limit the number of col… More:

  5. Clarissa Reply:

    First schedule an appointment with your physician. Many times you may be able to reduce your drug costs by reducing the number of drugs you take. Many drugs have multiple purposes so talk with your physician to see if you can take one drug … More:

  6. Jaleesa Reply:

    i do not have money for a hookworms, but i do not have a vet , please can you tell me buy a medicine for hookworms where i can go and? My 10 weeks dog have money for take her

  7. Refugio Reply:

    Dont take too many vitamin c pills! That could really be bad for your health! You should try to avoid taking pills if you can! Drink orange juice and water! Other than that, you are just wanting to stop symptoms like someone else already said! I like to do sort of like a steam facial! Boil water and put it in a bowl! Put your face over (dont touch the BOILING water!) and put a towel over your head, sort of like a tent! It helps to clear up your sinuss! Some people like to add herbs to the water too like mint or lavender!

  8. Yuki Reply:

    Most medical agencies do not buy debt. They work on However, let's pretend you did not have the money to pay or forgot. Yes the letters informing you to pay

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