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What is a way to get rid of a headache without medicine?

Drink some water, relax, and take a nap! Cha Cha! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bess Reply:

    Learning how to get rid of a headache without medication can impact both your Natural ways to get rid of headaches include using a sinus rinse to alleviate a Detail:

  2. Kathyrn Reply:

    Drink some water, relax, and take a nap. Cha Cha!

  3. Rocio Reply:

    Drink a bottle of room temperature water. Often times, a headache can be caused by a lack of hydration. Many people do not realize but the dry air where they work coupled with the lack of water or other liquids that they have taken in, can … More:

  4. Cynthia Reply:

    Use banana peels. Bananas are high in magnesium, which may help relax the blood vessels that are causing your headache. Place banana peels on your forehead and on the back of your neck. Lie down in a dimmed room and relax. You may want to u… More:

  5. Philomena Reply:

    Headaches? Ick. I feel your pain. I get migraine headaches and medicine most of the time doesn’t work anyway. So I’m on my own most of the time. The only thing that I’ve found that really works is going into a dark, quiet room and trying to… More:

  6. Elly Reply:

    How can I get rid of? I have a headache but have no other alternatives at I hate swallowing pills and a headache without taking medicine this moment (like chewable pills, etc)

  7. September Reply:

    well it depends on the cause of headache!if its pathological(due to an illness)then u cant rid of it without medications!if its physiological like due to tiring or not having enough sleep then u get rid of it by sleeping!if due to low glucose level u need to eat sth sugary!if its due to stress u need to relax and forget about what makes u think a lot!

  8. Laurence Reply:

    Answer: A way that works in half of cases is to rub lidocaine (WITHOUT EPHINEPHRINE) in If you cannot obtain these medications because of their cost (Imitrex, ANY headache that will not go away and that severely impairs your ability to

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