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What is an over the counter medicine that you can take to make you throw up?

Syrup of Ipec, which is used to induce vomiting, is available over the counter in the majority of states! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Marylyn Reply:

    There are several things to do and medication to take to make the worst There are three common drugs suggested to avoid being seasick: Basically, they're just anti-histamines and are available over the counter at most Sometimes it will make you vomit immediately, but it will settle your stomach very quickly. Detail:

  2. Trinity Reply:

    Sometimes, just seeing someone else vomit will start you vomiting, in your Most of the time, nausea and vomiting do not require urgent medical attention. An over-the-counter bismuth stomach remedy like Pepto-Bismol is effective for upset

  3. Rosana Reply:

    According to an article in the journal American Family Physician, around 80 percent of American women take some type of over-the-counter or prescription drug during their pregnancy. Although some of these drugs are safe in small doses and s… More:

  4. Tanesha Reply:

    Vomiting, which is typically accompanied by nausea, is a very common side effect that affects most everyone in their lifetime. It can be the result of a simple stomach virus or food poisoning, or a symptom of a far more serious underlying c… More:

  5. Jeni Reply:

    According to the FDA, around five billion nonprescription drugs are sold each year in America. The Drug Information Journal states that over-the-counter drugs are taken more than drugs prescribed by a doctor. Most Americans feel safe when p… More:

  6. Mertie Reply:

    Does the medicine Z pac make you throw up?

  7. Tifany Reply:

    Wow too much to read!

  8. Mozelle Reply:

    To vomit you need to get some syrup of ipecac (it can e found at your local People can induce vomiting with syrup of ipecac (found over the counter), but Don't

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