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What over the counter pills can get you high?

All cough and cold medicines such as robotussin could get you high! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Justin Reply:

    Malnourishment will stop estrogen production in your body, so if you have allowed your body fat percentage to What Are the Best Over-the-Counter Diet Pills/Appetite Suppressants? Risks of High Triglycerides & Estrogen Pills Combined Detail:

  2. Brenda Reply:

    Aug 29, 2008 Is an anti-histamine also used as an over the counter sleeping pill. Anyways here are some things she can get high off of that you might not

  3. Cherry Reply:

    1 Meet with a physician or other medical expert. Health professionals prioritize patient needs and work to keep consumers healthy. Most doctors put patients on diet plans that include proper nutrition and physical activity. 2 Consult with a… More:

  4. Lois Reply:

    Drugs designed to lower cholesterol can only be sold by prescription in the United States. A few over-the-counter remedies and foods may help lower a person’s cholesterol score, but only as a side effect. More:

  5. Carie Reply:

    Right now the best one I have seen that is FDA approved is the Alli, but please check with your doctor first. More:

  6. Mee Reply:

    I have had migraines for years and sometimes get them 4 medication called Imitrex in the-8 times a month. My doctor put me on pill form and that really messed up my stomach. T

  7. Ernestine Reply:

    Over the counter drugs arent worth it, Ive been there and done that! Just go buy some weed, much better!

  8. Milagros Reply:

    If you want the pills (eg to treat onycomycosis), What over the counter medication can you take to get high? WikiAnswers does not provide information about

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