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Who Owns my Medical Records

You may have such questions as Who Owns a Patient’s Medical Records and How Can I Get My Own Medical Records,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Owns Medical Records. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Employer Access Employee Medical Records,too. Read more as following:

To my knowledge if you have ever gone to the doctor or dentist for anything such as office visit or surgery the doctor’s office normally ask you to fill out a form listing all of your ailments along with other pertinent information. It is this information about your medical history that stays in the doctor’s office. However, this information can be subpoenaed by the courts if necessary. In other words what ever authority needs it can get it.

Who owns the patient's medical records?

That's an excellent question and the answer depends upon which country you are in. Medical records in the United States are the property of the health care provider. In China, all records are the property of the patient. Other countries have other la... More »

How can I Get my Own Medical Records?

To get a copy of your own medical records you need to contact your current doctor and ask that they send you a copy of your records. This may cost a small fee to receive the records.... More »

Who owns medical records?

Legally, medical records are owned by the employer of the doctor who compiles them.... More »

Who are medical records owned by?

C. Hospital or physician A. Patient B. government C.Hospital or physician D.medical licensure board... More »

How to Obtain Medical Records?

To obtain a copy of your medical records, contact the physician's office or hospital where you received treatment. They will have you sign a form, and possibly ask you to pay a fee, and then will get you copies of your records.... More »

Can An employer ask for medical illness information on an eployee.

When you mention employee, it sounds like you are already working at the job. If so, an employer can ask you to bring a doctor's note when you are out sick, but the note does not have to say the reason you were out. You can get more info from the web... More »


  1. Yaimeli M Reply:

    This is a serious question and I need an expert: Can I request my medical records from my plastic surgeon directly, or can he say, ‘We do not release records to patients’. He made an incorrect statement in them and I want to check it. Can he charge money for it?

  2. Blubber Reply:

    If your primary care doctor is in practice alone without other physicians and dies suddenly what happens to patient’s medical records? Are patients allowed to obtain the records themselves if they don’t have another doctor?

  3. Xtoastx Reply:

    I live in the state of KY and would like my medical records for my own personal use. Will this cost me and is it possible to have access?


  4. Trueblood Reply:

    Hello, I want to get my medical records from my gynecologist but her office told me it would cost me approximately $1/page. Is there anyway I can get it for free? Is this normal to get charged for your own medical reports?

  5. Poohbear Reply:

    I am a cancer patient in Ireland and would like a second opinion. I want to ask for all my medical records, including chart entries, tests, record of visits. Do I legally own these records?

  6. Comingofayge Reply:

    I am 17 and need to obtain a copy of my medical records without parental consent. Can I do this and how do I go about obtaining them?

  7. Potoato. Reply:

    I read ages ago that people would be able to check their own medical records on line with nhs UK, but I cant find the site any where, does anyone know about this?

  8. Dfa Reply:

    I am having a little bit of a difficult time obtaining my medical records from my gyno. I was wondering, can I just go in there and request them for myself or do I have to get another doctor to do so?

  9. The Dude Reply:

    whenis adoption not a adoption? when you can get your own medical records which you were told were always sealed.

  10. Erica Reply:

    Also who will be able to access these records? Will patients be able to access their own medical records and what would they need to do to do so?

  11. Teehan Western Reply:

    How old do you have to be to view your own nhs medical records? I know by law the have to show you if you ask for them but what’s the youngest age you can view them without parents permission? Thanks

  12. Esycompany Reply:

    What can you do to ensure the privacy of your own
    medical records? Describe three things that you and your Health Care provider can each

  13. Rib Toaster Reply:

    Do I need consent from the health providers or doctors in order to publish parts of my own medical records in my book?

  14. Who Farted Reply:

    When you fill in application forms they often ask for permission to access your medical records, so a potential employer can do it, but if you want to see what is on your own medical records, you get charged for the privilege, how fare is that?

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