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Will strattera get you high?

Strattera is a non-stimulant medicine approved to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Yan Reply:

    Black, charcoal gray and navy blue will all make you look taller and thinner. 2 Boots, high heels and shoes with thick soles can add up to three inches to the appearance of your height. You can even get shoes especially made for the purpose of making you look taller. 4 Does Strattera Make You Lose Weight? Strattera Detail:

  2. Gianna Reply:

    When I first took strattera 40mg for the first I could feel slight dizziness like if you drank 3 beers.

  3. Karey Reply:

    About 40mg will give the user a sensation of "drowning" while 80 mg. will give the feeling known as "being high". More:

  4. Toni Reply:

    Strattera is used for treating ADHD. An overdose will not necesarily make you high, but can make your drowsy, or give you nausea . More:

  5. Marceline Reply:

    40mg of Strattera causes a downing affect & higher doses can cause a high. Never snort it. Overdoes is serious. Hugs not drugs. More:

  6. Carlene Reply:

    How should I take this strattera? Its around midnight where I (without a perscription) for the past two weeks am right now, I have been using adderall but I ran out so I picke

  7. Silvana Reply:

    No!you are taking a mild stimulant! even if you were to take a strong stimulant, it would likely counter the effects of alcohol being that alcohol is a depressant (slows the heart rate ) and a stimulant increases heart rate!that being said, alcohol is typically dangerous when combined with other depressants, thus slowing the heart rate to a pace so slow that one would stop breathing ( respiratory depression )so therefore you will not die from drinking on that medication!

  8. Gussie Reply:

    Actually no, you cannot get high off strattera. It is specifically designed to affect dopamine in the frontal lobe of the brain, it does not increase dopamine in the

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