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Are red moles on your skin bad?

Red moles are linked to malignant melanoma! It may come with a small lump beneath the skin and become red and tender! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Emmaline Reply:

    Red moles might not be dangerous, but you should know what kind you have before you write it off as If you begin to see red moles on your skin that fluctuate in shape and size I once had a very bad problem with moles on my neck. Source:

  2. Nancy Reply:

    Website for all types of skin care including skin rashes, skin tags, red moles on I’ve battled skin problems over the last two years quite badly and it turned out to be Let me help you with your skin conditions, A mixture of the things I’ve just

  3. Lois Reply:

    It is not recommended that you remove a mole yourself, in case there is something wrong with the mole. For mole removal, see a Dr. Source:

  4. Yesenia Reply:

    Red moles on skin can appear alarming. Especially if you’ve never seen a mark any shade other than brown or black, your first instinct might be to call a doctor. That isn’t always necessary. In fact, you could save yourself a few trips to t… Source:

  5. Gertrude Reply:

    Red moles, just like any other color of moles, may either present at birth or acquired later on in life. While most red moles are considered benign, there is a chance for it to develop into cancer. Source:

  6. Jenee Reply:

    My skin.. red moles appearing ? So, I love makeup but i person :) Lately, I have been getting little am not a heavy makeup moles (sometimes red) appearing on random areas of m

  7. Effie Reply:

    You need to give it a rest and time to heal and no cleats for a while! Knowing you wont do this I would soak the blister area with Betadine solution and cover it with a non stick gauze pad, Cover this with a generous chunk of lambs wool(drug store) of large Bunion pad if it will completely cover the blister area! Your risk of infection is high with your activity so you must protect the area! Change the bandage after activity! Try to keep it dry(Betadine will dry quickly) so it can grow new skin over the area!

  8. Clelia Reply:

    These are all similar red spots on like skin this and it is a possibility of missdiagnosis. Wash all your bedsheets and pillows you get these spots from vacumn cleaners so . What credit rating number would a loan officer considered bad credit

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