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Can sunburn kill you?

Yes, in an extreme situation a sun burn can kill you! The problem lies with getting an infection! Blisters that develop from the burn can become infected which can lead to sepsis, which can be fatal! Thank you for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Verena Reply:

    You can do this with a few drops of aquarium plant food or with a few drops of very diluted plant food. This will sunburn and kill your plant quickly. 4 Source:

  2. Sharee Reply:

    I do hope you have somewhere that you can give her shady shelter. Sun burn can kill the hair folicles and then there is no hair. I have had experience with two of

  3. Earlie Reply:

    This may sound crazy… but a great sunburn soother is to take a warm shower. I never believed it, but tried it and it worked! You don’t have to make it too hot, just bareable. Hope that works for ya Source(s): My Grandmother Source:

  4. Taren Reply:

    Your skin continues to burn as time passes, even after youre out of the sun. What you want to do is cool it down. Take a cool shower, use aloe vera, and ice your skin to keep it cool. Source:

  5. Andria Reply:

    To kill the pain from a sunburn, take some aspirin! It will help ease. To help a sunburn heal, use aloe vera as much as you can. Source:

  6. Cameron Reply:

    mardi gras burned me out (how to kill a sunburn)? well actually only half of me today down in new betty boop for mardi gras orleans i dressed up as and since the sun was only

  7. Marylyn Reply:

    Three things should help your pain!1! Take an ibuprofen product if you can tolerate them (advil, motrin, etc)! This medications have anti-inlammatory agents in them and will help to reduce the fever/inflammation caused by the burns to your skin!2! Get a gallon or more of plain, white vinegar! Yes, I know it sounds weird and may smell a little gross! But soak in a tub of warm (not hot) water with a good amount of vinegar added to it! This helps the sting and will soothe for hours!3! Get a good aloe lotion! Banana Boat or Forever Tan are both really good (in my book)!!!!I have used them both! The Forever Tan seems to help the sunburn soak in and if I get burned and follow the above instructions, within a day or two, my burn has turned into tan! Good Luck! I know sunburn in miserable! From now on, use a good SPF!!!!!sunburn is dangerous not just when it happens, but it poses problems later on, too!

  8. Nikole Reply:

    Never get sun burnt its bad and one sunburn will kill you, first your eyes crust over then they fall out of your head and all your skin peels of then your muscle and

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