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Can you get cancer from picking moles?

Melanoma, or skin cancer, is primarily caused by exposure to UV radiation, mainly from the sun! Picking at moles will not cause it Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alyson Reply:

    Find out if removing a mole will scar with tips from a beauty editor in this free skin care video. Moles are usually not serious, but some moles can be skin cancers. You should always check with your doctor if you have a mole that has grown in size, has darkened, or has irregular edges. Think Pink: 10 Pieces to Pick Source:

  2. Kerry Reply:

    While chronic picking or irritation of a mole can be detrimental, it has not been associated with a higher incidence of cancer.

  3. Dodie Reply:

    To find out if a mole in cancerous, go to a doctor. They can check the mole and either remove it or remove it and the skin around it. Good luck! Source:

  4. Clarissa Reply:

    Normal moles are symmetrical, whereas cancerous moles are not. They have irregular edges with twists and turns in the boarders. Cancerous moles have irregular colors and can sometimes bleed. Source:

  5. Daniell Reply:

    A cancerous mole can look like a regular mole. If any mole starts to darken, change shape, or develop a crust like top, you should have a doctor check it. Source:

  6. Sharri Reply:

    Can picking at moles cause skin cancer? I ask this, cause several years ago I slightly cause it was annoying was picking at this mole me, and I was pretty sure it was raising

  7. Sanjuana Reply:

    it is never a good idea to pick off a mole, and yes moles can sometimes be cancerous! That said, I dont think you need to overly worry! Just apply some Neosporin or the like and cover it with a band-aid! Keep a close watch on it until it heals up and please tell your doctor what you did on your next visit, so he can make a note to keep an eye on that spot on each visit! Now, promise me you wont pick anymore off and also that you will stop worrying!

  8. Rafaela Reply:

    I think that you can't have cancer that was made from a mole it disn't make sence that you can have cancer from a mole. No. Many people have numerous moles

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