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How bad is orange/brown pee?

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  1. Natalia Reply:

    Some medications can dye urine and tears the color orange, which can stain clothing or The orange-brown color occurs as iron oxidizes in response to. Source:

  2. Estefana Reply:

    So, for the past few days my urine has been a dark yellow/brown color. . they were like candy haha but they made my pee very dark orange lol. getting roughly 1gram of protein per pound of body weight, so that isn’t bad.

  3. Bambi Reply:

    Hi Scott, and Welcome to TRT. I agree that it is probably a diatom bloom that results in new systems from the presence of bioavailable silicates the diatoms use to grow and form their tests. This is a normal step involved in maturation and … Source:

  4. Isela Reply:

    it is actually quite common. even with a multivitamin you will notice discoloration of the urine Source(s): i own a natural supplement store Source:

  5. Mckenzie Reply:

    It is likely dark colored urine means you are dehydrated. Drink some clear fluids, especially water. Contact a physician. Source:

  6. Laurette Reply:

    Wel as it is my pee like i wil burst bt only a drip comes out had changd 4rm a normal colour,i often want to go to pee to a light yellow the toilet as i feel,ive made an apoin

  7. Tien Reply:

    Hi Amy, with the symptoms youre describing, you really need to be seen ASAP, preferably in an emergency room! You may be developing a systemic infection stemming from the tonsillitis! Please see someone right away, as you are very very sick and need a professional diagnosis and treatment! Good luck!

  8. Dimple Reply:

    The system produces urine by a process of filtration, reabsorption, and tubular Dark orange to brown urine can be a symptom of jaundice, rhabdomyolysis,

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