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How long do I have to live if I really have melanoma?

Melanoma that’s caught early, when it’s still on the surface of the skin, can be cured! Tthe disease varies greatly and !!More?? Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Cherie Reply:

    If you have received a diagnosis of colon cancer, no matter what stage, it does Patients diagnosed with even stage 3 cancer can live for years after diagnosis. Source:

  2. Ailene Reply:

    If you have the description you can look it up and understand more of what is going on. These are really worth a look too. news for Canadians with the deadliest form of skin cancer, metastatic melanoma, who are fighting to live longer.

  3. Karlyn Reply:

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  4. Anisa Reply:

    Tomorrow when you get up, LOOK AT LIFE DIFFERENT. Now a days, we get so caught up in the Rush of the day, Rushing here, rushing there. Get the dinner done and hurry and get the kids to bed. Pretend for a moment THIS IS YOUR last day alive. … Source:

  5. Avery Reply:

    Move naturally. This means get out there and park farther away from your destination, go for long walks, cut down some firewood. Be active every day starting with at least 10 minutes a day and work up to 60 minutes. It doesn’t have to be al… Source:

  6. Ria Reply:

    My 90 year old grand-mother has just been diagnosed with melanoma, I’m nowhere close to her doctor me how long she has and no one has told. This is Melanoma of the Blood, not

  7. Beatriz Reply:

    Im sorry!You dont have to feel guilty – please dont! Your grandmother was well cared for during her last months, and im sure she KNOWS you love her very much! Im also certain that while she was alive, she knew you had to work to take care of yourself, and were not always able to visit! You know she was never neglected or mistreated during her last days! The person who she probably needed most was helping to care for her (her own daughter)!My mother died like your grandmother – from cancer! I took care of Mom for about 1-1/2 years! She weighed about 52 pounds when she died in her home, so i understand the shock you must have felt to see your Grandma!!! My kids, her grandsons, couldnt always be there, and the oldest could only visit twice before she died over that year and a half! He did come the day of her death, also, just like you, but she died just minutes before he arrived! My son was devastated but i talked to him and let him know he didnt take anything from her by not getting to see her before she died! Mom knew that her grandkids loved her unconditionally, and that was all she needed!Mom didnt want a funeral, but i had a short viewing for the grandkids anyway!!! i have two sisters who have children!!! and all of the children came to the house after Mom died! They all saw her in that horrible condition before the mortitians took her away — and i wanted them to be able to see her one, last time looking beautiful in her casket!!! i did it for the kids, and mom wouldnt have minded a bit! And she did look lovely, even as thin as she was! So it gave the kids a nicer, last memory! We dont know what will become of us toward the last years or months of our lives! Many of us do become ill — it comes with old age, unfortunately! As a Christian, youve probably learned that with life comes pain or illness and even misfortune! But,if Hospice was caring for your Grandma, im sure they were giving her medication to help in case she had pain! Hospice is wonderful, they do everything to keep patients comfortable as possible during their last days!Its normal to be a wreck after we lose someone we love so dearly, hon! You take the time to grieve your loss! Its the healthy thing to do! Hold on to the good memories!!! im sure Grandma is smiling down on you right now! hugs

  8. Marnie Reply:

    How long do you live with melanoma spread through hip lungs liver I do not know exactly how long, but if you don't have a liver, you're pretty much dead.

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