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What causes small brown spots on fingers?

You should see a doctor! Small brown sports that suddenly appear on your fingers could be melanoma and needs to be surgically removed! It could also be age spots! Thanks for asking and enjoy your weekend! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Elayne Reply:

    As you age, light or dark brown spots may appear on your hands. Although commonly referred to as "liver spots," they are not caused by liver problems. Source:

  2. Whitley Reply:

    May 9, 2006 Hello,i noticed a lot of small brown spots on my right hand between my root cause of it alli didn’t apply sunscreen to the tops of my hands

  3. Sherril Reply:

    Aging brings with it a whole host of unexpected surprises, including the appearance of brown spots. Before this starts to happen, protect your skin by wearing sunscreen. If it has already happened, learn why and what you can do to prevent a… Source:

  4. Claretta Reply:

    Brown spots on the eye can appear on any of the external structures of the eyeball, including the conjunctiva, sclera, cornea and iris. Sometime these brown spots are not dangerous, but in some instances few they must be monitored carefully… Source:

  5. Kelle Reply:

    Brown spotting usually occurs at the beginning of their period or if you are experience breakthrough bleeding. The cause is nothing serious, it is just simply old blood that your body is discharging. Source:

  6. Kellye Reply:

    I found a brown small snake w/dark brown spots almost like checkerboard local pet store and they in my Missouri basement? what is it? I took it to a said it was a grass snake.

  7. Eric Reply:

    Black/brown spots are usually from something being spilled and dirt sticking to them and turning them black/brown! They even can be from the residue from cleaning products and dirt sticking to the products! If you cannot remove them from carpet cleaning sprays then you need a professional to clean the carpet and remove this sticky residue!Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning is by far the best method available! Just make sure they use residue free carpet cleaning products!

  8. Heather Reply:

    What could cause dark spots on toddlers hands and chest? Reactions, Bruising, Paint, Burns. What causes dark spots on your gums? Brown gums are a result of

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