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What does brown urine indicate?

Brown urine can be caused by liver disease, hepatitis, melanoma cancer, or copper poisoning! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ginette Reply:

    Urine volume can signify moderate problems or indicate severe health concerns. Frequent Deep yellow, red or brown urine is concentrated urine. It's normal Source:

  2. Rikki Reply:

    It can be. But just because you have dark urine doesn’t necessarily mean that it is always dangerous. Dark urine can be caused by many factors, such as the

  3. Kimberely Reply:

    Foam in the urine is usually caused by protiens escaping through the kidneys. See your doctor for a routine test to determine if it is a problem. Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion pageto add to the c… Source:

  4. Pansy Reply:

    HCG Source:

  5. Ina Reply:

    If you’ve noticed a change in your urine color recently, you may be concerned, and for good reason. The color of your urine can often be the first sign of an undiagnosed medical problem. Normal ranges in color from a pale yellow shade to a … Source:

  6. Jason Reply:

    80 year old man,brown urine and dribbling urine.what could cause this.(hes seeing doc next week)?

  7. Ellyn Reply:

    its discharge, and its nothing to worry about! some, in fact many, women get this EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES! it CAN mean std, but if its a normal colour and its just hard/dry in the bottom of her panties, its totally normal! if it bothers you too badly, ask her about it, but i wouldnt recommend it, because no woman wants her man to find her panties like that! even though its normal! you know??relax :)

  8. Saundra Reply:

    What does brown feline urine mean? pee-pee. What does it mean if you get blood in a mans urine? Blood in the urine of either men or women can be caused by

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