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What is black mole cancer?

Black mole cancer is another name for Melanoma which is a skin cancer that is quite lethal if not treated! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Michelle Reply:

    Look for moles that change color. Most moles are brown; a potentially cancerous mole could be several different colors. If a mole is both brown and black, watch Source:

  2. Dedra Reply:

    Feb 8, 2011 Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that starts in the pigment – producing Melanoma may look like a flat, brown or black mole that has uneven

  3. Evie Reply:

    Normal moles are symmetrical, whereas cancerous moles are not. They have irregular edges with twists and turns in the boarders. Cancerous moles have irregular colors and can sometimes bleed. Source:

  4. Margarette Reply:

    A cancerous mole can look like a regular mole. If any mole starts to darken, change shape, or develop a crust like top, you should have a doctor check it. Source:

  5. Brett Reply:

    Not all black moles are cancerous, but some can turn into melanoma. You can have your moles evaluated by a dermatologist. Source:

  6. Winter Reply:

    My hairless rat has what looks dot made by a pen like a black mole a his tail. Could it be cancer? It started off really small few millimeters wide back by I thought it was a,

  7. Alva Reply:

    Hey,Yes, if its black and growing it could be a tumour or an abcess! Your best bet, hun, is to get him straight to the vet for a diagnosis!!! rats are prone to tumours and abcesses and if it is not treated soon, it may cut your babies life span considerably shorter!Good luck hun! Take care!

  8. Nickole Reply:

    What is a typical mole that can develope into skin cancer known as? Does the phrase What does it mean if your mole has black spots on it? It means you need

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