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What kind of cancer kills you the fastest?

Melanoma is one of the fastest cancers but can be detected early enough to treat! Again Soon! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Pamela Reply:

    Can Mold From Bread Kill You?. Mold is a microscopic fungus visible to the naked eye. Certain types of mold can be dangerous, making those who ingest it sick. Source:

  2. Marin Reply:

    What would you like to ask? So I’m wondering how fast can it kill a person? It depends on what kind of leukemia he had, when it was found and if there were treated. because cancer is not the one who will kill you its the complication.

  3. Guillermina Reply:

    Lung Cancer Source:

  4. Leticia Reply:

    I assume that eventually all skin cancers can kill you. But in my opinion, if you have to get cancer, skin cancer is way better than many of the other cancers. Most people who die from skin cancer did not go to the doctor when they saw thei… Source:

  5. Alyce Reply:

    ya mama Source:

  6. Cathie Reply:

    is chemotherapy a cancer fighting drug that kills cancer cells by interrupting the events of the cell cycle?

  7. Sherice Reply:

    You are naive to think that cancer patients and their families are not pro-active, researching, and following every single path they can to locate effective treatment! If THC was a sure cure than cancer patients would demand the treatment! You have absolutely no idea how much patients research these issues ! ! it isnt just the medical profession or the research scientists driving the treatments ! ! it is now the patients themselves! And the reason is that cancer and tumors are measurable ! ! patients can SEE the tumors on a CT or PET or any scan! That tumor can be measured while the patient is in treatment! if the treatment works than the tumors will shrink or die ! ! if the treatment does not work than the tumors will grow and spread! A cancer patient can see this happeneing over time just by looking at the CT! Patients who have taken THC do not see their tumors respond ! ! patients who take chemotherapy can see the response! Its that simple!If what you say is true ! ! than using THC would be simple to prove or disprove ! ! so where is the evidence??

  8. Lashanda Reply:

    You first need to know what type your are asking about. Then see in general how fast that type of cancer spreads. What is the process of cancer spreading called

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