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Why is My mole is sore an red?

Early signs of melanoma (a serious type of skin cancer) involve a change in a mole or other skin growth! Skin around the mole becomes red or swollen or develops new patches of color! You will want to have this checked out by a doctor asap! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ila Reply:

    Signs of melanoma are found in atypical moles, or dysplastic nevi. a scaly red patch with irregular borders that does not go away, an open sore that does not Source:

  2. Stacy Reply:

    Aug 28, 2004 I have noticed a small mole under my arm, which has been kind of sore. It feels kind of like a burning pain when touched, which is always if I

  3. Libby Reply:

    Red moles, just like any other color of moles, may either present at birth or acquired later on in life. While most red moles are considered benign, there is a chance for it to develop into cancer. Source:

  4. Ai Reply:

    Red moles are caused by overexposure to sunlight. They can also be a change in a mole’s appearance. It is important to have all moles evaluated by your doctor. Source:

  5. Patty Reply:

    A spot that is bright red is not actually a mole, but a tiny cluster of capillaries called a hemangioma. They are not cancerous and are not dangerous. There is no need to have them removed unless they bleed frequently. Source:

  6. Jonell Reply:

    Medical question. My left big toe on not always red.? Checked my Uric Acid level the joint is red, swollen and sore. It is always sore but and it came back normal. The X-ray o

  7. Garnett Reply:

    White?? For some reason Im wanting to say thats bad my doc said something about moles turning white not a good sign O!o I had two removed surgically (Wasnt painful numbing is fun) One on my lip, and on my head but anyway I advise go see a doctor if its gone white

  8. Tiffiny Reply:

    Also: A sore reddened place on the skin. pronunciation "I cannot go to My mouth is wet, my throat is dry, I'm going blind in my right eye." — Shel Silverstein

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