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Can down syndrome people have kids?

Many women with Down syndrome can have children, but they usually have early menopause! Any other questions?? on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Gene Reply:

    How to Get Funding for Families of Down Syndrome. Caring for a child with Down syndrome can be financially overwhelming for some families. While health Source:

  2. Kassie Reply:

    It is possible for people with Down Syndrome to have kids, but it is not advised. It can cause complications to both the mother and the child.

  3. Santa Reply:

    Down syndrome is diagnosed pretty quickly before or after birth. A most obvious diagnosis is with the facial features. They are very distinct features that indicate Down syndrome. Another test is a blood test called Karyotype. You can find … Source:

  4. Jacquelyn Reply:

    Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder where a person is born with an additional third chromosome 21 also known as trisomy 21. It is the most frequent cause to mental retardation and other problems. This occurs in 1 out of 800 births world… Source:

  5. Shawnta Reply:

    There are a growing number of options available when trying to find a summer camp for kids with down syndrome. Summer camps allow kids with down syndrome to practice independence while developing emotional and physical health. Summer camps … Source:

  6. Else Reply:

    people with down syndrome kids? or that know someone with a child with down syndrome it. how are they intellectually? because im thinking about adopting, because I worked at a

  7. Sheba Reply:

    Well marriage has nothing to do with it but yes there have been down syndrome parents that have had healthy babies! Their chances of getting pregnant are about the same as any other couple really and how many kids they would have well that would be up to their own individual bodies just like everyone else! There are a lot of risks as Down Syndrome comes with many health issues including risk of heart problems so there would most likely be extra monitoring for those factors!

  8. Angelo Reply:

    I did some research and learned that men with Down syndrome are usually sterile. Most women can get pregnant and have children. Since there is a high risk of

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