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Can sickness cause a delayed period?

Stress can absolutely cause irregular menstrual cycles! Other causes may be weight gain/loss, pregnancy, exercise, or menopause! On! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Criselda Reply:

    Illness such as the flu or even bronchitis can cause a woman to have a delayed period. Eating disorders including anorexia can cause a woman to not have a Source:

  2. Laverne Reply:

    A sudden, short illness or even a longer illness can cause your periods to be delayed. This is usually temporary. Change in Schedules Changing schedules can

  3. Rosaline Reply:

    Some girls dont even feel sick when they have their period but some girls do. If you just started your period it’s probably because you are still getting used to the changes. Source:

  4. Maragret Reply:

    I hear that stress can play a part; making it come early or late. Also, health problems are the leading reason, I would think. Source:

  5. Merrill Reply:

    Answer frequent stress can delay your period, or your could have an irregular period birth control can help with this. most doctors reccomend the pill for cases like this. Source:

  6. Lorelei Reply:

    My last period was 6 days late and lighter then normal. My current period is also delayed. Am I pregnant?

  7. Sara Reply:

    pretty much anything can mess up a womans period! Especially stress and being sick!!!even a prolonged time of intense pain or something as simple as hanging out with a new group of women can mess up a females cycle!!!if she truly believes shes pregnant then i would suggest taking a home pregnancy test or going to the drs and asking for a blood test,since blood tests are WAY more sensitive then urine tests, they can tell you within 6 days of conception whether youre pregnant or not!

  8. Victoria Reply:

    Late period can be a signal of pregnancy OR delay because of your sickness. I' m not aware that antibiotics can delay your period, but they can cause birth

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