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Do people over 60 have periods?

No most women don’t get a period at age 60! The common age for women to reach menopause is 51! Takes a year to confirm! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Delinda Reply:

    You need a financial calculator to compute the value of your annuity. The number of periods is the number of payments you will receive over the life of your If your annuity pays you monthly for five years, then your annuity has 60 periods. 4 Source:

  2. Alex Reply:

    But there is a short-term loophole that you can use if you have no other option. However, the government does let you roll your IRA over from one account to another. The 60-day period is basically be a 60-day loan of the value in your IRA.

  3. Mario Reply:

    The fashion preferences and needs of women often change as they mature. A woman in her 60s, while wanting to remain fashion-forward, may opt for more timeless pieces than trendy. She may want something that’s flattering but still comfortabl… Source:

  4. Libby Reply:

    Women over 60 need to exercise and strengthen their muscles to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. Toning the body using strengthening exercises or weight training also aids the heart and bones. There are several ways for women to t… Source:

  5. Jolyn Reply:

    Sore gums at any age are painful and annoying, but soreness can be a particular problem for people over 60. Retired persons may find it harder to keep to a regular schedule that includes dental care, which can cause sore gums. Dentures can … Source:

  6. Lucia Reply:

    how can people have their periods while being pregnant? why do people get their thought that you can get period while being pregnant i your period while being pregnant but why

  7. Ehtel Reply:

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  8. Eulah Reply:

    Is 100 over 60 low pressure for a pregnant woman? Normal blood pressure is yes you surely can. you don't have to worry about having your period back.

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