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How can you make your period go away?

One cannot make their period go away! Sorry! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lakenya Reply:

    How to Make Your Period Go Faster. Few women enjoy Talk to your doctor about menstrual extraction. How to Make Numbness in Your Mouth Go Away Source:

  2. Vinita Reply:

    If you are not near menopause, the best way to skip periods is with certain birth control pills or intra-uterine devices.

  3. Mariko Reply:

    Although I personally have never been able to make bruises go away there are some things that make them less visible. Ice or ice water right after it happens can help. After about 2 days you can also try hot compresses to the area. Unfortun… Source:

  4. Kelle Reply:

    You can’t get rid of Aunt Flow faster. She will leave when she is ready. You can speak with your doctor about taking birth control which may help to shorten your periods by regulating your monthly cycle. Source:

  5. Gia Reply:

    Unfortunately with the exception of birth control there is no way to make your period go away faster. If you talk to your doctor he or she can recommend a way to shorten your period using a form of birth control. Source:

  6. Arcelia Reply:

    Two weeks late for period. Can going off BC make me skip my period? I am now around two. I took a test a weeks late for my period few days ago and it was negative. My last p

  7. Mable Reply:

    I usually have my patients yell at their period until it gets scared

  8. Na Reply:

    remidies that will make your period go off. How can you make your period go off? You can make it com faster by hanging around someone with their period a lot.

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