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How im 56 and still having periods is that ok?

It is not uncommon for some women to not have gone through menopause even into their late 50’s or 60’s! If you are still concerned, you can ask your gynecologist about this for more information or tips! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ebony Reply:

    During the 18 month period, you'll likely meet your weight loss goals and your body i be able to let it go again. and CAN I START PLANNING A BABY IN 5-6 MONTHS. I have had 2 miscarriages and I am currently 5 months pregnant. Patients who undergo a successful operation will still face tremendous stress, pain Source:

  2. Kasey Reply:

    Jul 9, 2011 could be arranged which might ensure the lining of the uterus is ok. i am 60 still not done yet Doctor says not normal Well, I was having regular periods until last May and I am 60. . My mother was 55-56 when stopped.

  3. Sheryll Reply:

    It could be implantation bleeding (fertilized egg implanted in ur uterus) or ovulation spotting( ur ovulating,could get pregnant). Source:'m-not-on-my-period-but-i-still-have-blood-coming-out-the-discharge

  4. Paris Reply:

    Stress, low thyroid levels and GYN procedures can all trigger bleeding between periods. If you’re concerned see your MD/GYN. Source:'m-not-having-a-period-but-still-discharging

  5. Latrisha Reply:

    My tender boobs have nothing to do with your age and menstrual status. Seriously, though. You should see a doctor. Your tender breasts are likely to do with your hormones. Source:

  6. Argentina Reply:

    Schools In England. (Periods/Blocks. Terms/Marking Periods. Sports. Uniforms.)? 1. In America we have periods/blocks which signify different classes. Like in between bells.

  7. Kristan Reply:

    To answer your question: Yes, you can still get pregnant even though you two did it standing up!

  8. Marianela Reply:

    No, it isn't safe, you can ovulate anytime during the month. All women are Can you still have a period if somebody nut in you 1day before your period? Answer it! Can you of use and privacy policy. I confirm that I am at least 13 years of age.

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