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How long do you have to go without a period for menopause to be over?

For most women, they can expect all the stages of menopause to last between 4 and 5 years! From the first early symptom or (MORE??) Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tayna Reply:

    Since the girl does not know that she should have gotten her period, she may not realize that she is pregnant until Women can go months without a period and attribute it to menopause. How Long After Your Period Can You Get Pregnant? Source:

  2. Leda Reply:

    The symptoms you have show you have a hormone imbalance and They are benign but will result in long periods. Here’s to all of us fabulous women, life goes on when it’s over, some of us one that was very short and then went almost 5 months without a period. .. How long does EBV virus live ?

  3. Treena Reply:

    It depends entirely on the reason why she hasn’t had a period, a multitude of things could be responsible. Stress, use of any contraceptives, pregnancy, age, medical conditions are amongst the few things that can affect a woman’s menstrual … Source:

  4. Jami Reply:

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  5. Darcie Reply:

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  6. Maryellen Reply:

    I had unprotected sex a couple days after my period went i’ve been having head aches, then my period came on off…my breast have been sore and two weeks early for the first t

  7. Idalia Reply:

    I hope I can give you some insights! This is hormonal hell and transitioning to empty-nest! Some people have a very difficult time transitioning into a new awareness about their past, present and future! They take it out on everyone around them! They are spiraling out of control! Chronic low-grade depression may be a factor! Like a teenager, she is pushing and pulling and not knowing where she will go! She is trapped in a no-mans land and just lashing out! She loves you and hates you and loves and hates herself too! If she pushes you away for good, she will always regret it! I think she needs therapy asap! The remarks about her leaving everything and just running off are so classic as far as midlife issues! She feels less needed, she feels like she has to find a meaningful direction, she feels lost! She has a lot to sort out! I think a therapist can help her through this rocky road if she is willing! You are really stuck and feeling helpless and watching the train wreck – I do admire your love for her and the fact you are hanging in there! I would say if she is unwilling to go for counseling, that you need to inform her you are out! I think she is now acting like a spoiled brat and needs a wakeup call – perhaps a separation! If she is borderline suicidal, then you need to tell your therapist so a plan can be made! I wish you well!

  8. Shantell Reply:

    Do lesbians go through menopause easier than heterosexual women? No, it is the What does it mean when you have had your period for more than 2 weeks? AnswerI use . Can you get pregnant at age 51 if you have not had a period in over a year? Normal age How long after your last period can you get pregnant ?

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