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Is it bad to not have a period for over 6 months?

If you aren’t pregnant or aren’t in menopause, then it’s not good to go 9 months without a period! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jan Reply:

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  2. Myrle Reply:

    Sep 7, 2006 Period lasting for about 6-7 weeks (228 replies): . provera i had really bad peroid pain and it came back with a vengence, I have hi i am 21 and i have not had a period in about 4 months. i have been . Over 6 months later!

  3. Angella Reply:

    See a doctor immediately! Source:

  4. Deidre Reply:

    it really depends on which six months out of the year you are counting… because some are longer and some are shorter… Source:

  5. Dung Reply:

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  6. Pattie Reply:

    i get my period every three before this. my foster mom thinks it months. is that bad? i’m 19, but i’ve never had a regular period might be something with my ovaries. she had i

  7. Caprice Reply:

    Not having your period in 6 months can be serious! You might have to go to the doctor and get your system cleaned out! I had a friend who has had that done! Or your doctor might put you on birth control to regulate you! It didnt work for me! Im irregular and the most i have went without a period is a month! That is when I wasnt pregnant! I would seriously get into the doctor! You might be lacking a vitamin or not have enough of a certain hormone!!

  8. Rosalinda Reply:

    Also I haven't had a period in over 2 months. Last month there was no diarrhea though. I have had cramps on and off now and so far am 6 days late. That being said, I'm not sure what the heck is wrong with me, but if it is early pregnancy

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