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Is it normal for your period to be 6 days late?

A variety of things could cause a period to be late for 5 days! You may be pregnant, but not necessarily! Stress, Illness, Change in Schedules, Change in Medications, Being Overweight, Being Underweight, Peri-Menopause, Menopause, or even a Miscalculation are all reasons your period may be late! A period a few days late (even 6) is often nothing to worry about! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Rosy Reply:

    Below are the most common symptoms to look for to determine whether you are or Is your period is late or very light? you normally enjoy turn your stomach ( i.e., frying meat or scrambled eggs)? 6 365-Day Guide to Exercisethumbnail Source:

  2. Caren Reply:

    You could be pregnant, get a pee test from the drugstore. Take it first thing in the morning. If you had sex 12 – 14 days after the first day of your last period, the chances of getting pregnant were at their highest. Honestly, this is why

  3. Bea Reply:

    If you are more than you are a week late, you will probably get accurate results with a pregnancy test. Source:

  4. Neomi Reply:

    usually up to two weeks Source:

  5. Shakia Reply:

    Oxymoron. If it was "normal" it wouldn,t be late. Source:

  6. Eric Reply:

    You know what is normal for you, and this isnt it! Besides, you are in pain! Make an appointment with the doctor! You are probably fine, but its better to be safe than sorry! Good luck!

  7. Carletta Reply:

    If your cycles are pretty regular, meaning you are sure of when your period was due and it was indeed 6 days late, then taking a pregnancy test now would

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