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Is there continuous bleeding during a period?

Prolonged and continuous menstrual bleeding is not common in healthy women from the time of their first menstrual period until the start of menopause! Such prolonged bleeding is likely to be uncomfortable, so it’s important to get it under control! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sheryll Reply:

    Of great concern is the amount of blood that a woman loses during her period, particularly if the period is prolonged. Bleeding profusely can cause a woman to Source:

  2. Anabel Reply:

    You’ll experience menstrual bleeding during that week. A newer It’s possible to prevent your period with continuous use of any birth control pill. Is there an advantage to waiting a few months after stopping the pill before trying to conceive ?

  3. Consuelo Reply:

    it all depends on the woman, some are heavy, and some are light, theres really no answer to how much you should bleed Source:

  4. Talitha Reply:

    that’s how you know that your starting a period Source:

  5. Marlana Reply:

    i had a problem with ALOT of bleeding .. they did plenty of tests too, but they sayed it was perfectly fine and put me on different birthcontrols to straiten it out.. so. go ask a doctor you you wanna birth control , because they do work, D… Source:

  6. Eveline Reply:

    Heavy bleeding for one day a week before period is due bleeding? I bled, and now it appears to, could this be weird implantation have stopped. I am well aware of what implanta

  7. Zelma Reply:

    Did your doctor tell you that taking Alesse will stop your period?? I never heard of that and from what I read, that doesnt seem like the case! When you take birth control pills, it stops you from ovulating (releasing the egg), but it doesnt stop your period which is your bodys way of removing the uterine wall lining which is made of blood when theres no fertilized egg in your uterus! It is not normal not to have a period actually! Having a period is your bodys way of cleansing out your reproductive system, so it is good!If you have unusual spotting or bleeding though from taking the pills, you need to see your doctor! Herere some side effects of Alesse you can read about:http://www!drugs!com/sfx/alesse-side-effects!htmlm

  8. Maude Reply:

    However, if continuous bleeding occurs from a small cut, this probably No bleeding during menstruation? Yes there is bleeding during menstruation

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