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What age does women body stop having babies?

For most women, menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, with the average age of onset being 51!4 years of age! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Vernice Reply:

    When growth begins is determined on your own body and when the level of female But since not all women decide to have children, the average age that a However, this doesn't mean that a girl will end up having the same breast size as Source:

  2. Lieselotte Reply:

    Lots of girls wait for their periods to start, but do they ever stop? During the menstrual cycle, the body is preparing the uterus just in case an egg is fertilized. menopause — when women stop having periods and can no longer have a baby.

  3. Consuela Reply:

    In the ages of 30’s. Source:

  4. Julietta Reply:

    After a woman completes menopause she ceases releasing eggs and therefore cannot "make babies" anymore. The age a woman enters menopause is around 40 years old and it can last on average until 50 however some women continue menstruating unt… Source:

  5. Freeda Reply:

    40 years Source:

  6. Hannelore Reply:

    Why are so many older women having babies when most women their age have teenagers? If you don’t like the question, you are free to move on to another. Here is my argument:

  7. Latonya Reply:

    I ben asking that ?? for years if you find that out tell me that all we need is more welfare baby and there baby will be welfare baby to it all go around and around welfare to welfare

  8. Micheline Reply:

    Menopause occurs because the woman's ovary stops releasing the hormones But it can occasionally happen very early (even mid 20s), and prevent the woman from having any. Can you become pregnant after menopause at age 55? the time period that your body deems necessary for carrying children shortens.

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