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What age does your period stop?

The average age of menopause in American women is 51, with a range of 48-55! This is when the period stops! Usually gradually! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Stasia Reply:

    Your menstrual cycle is related to your age, so at certain points in a woman's life, Again, we should go over what's considered to be a normal menstrual period. Source:

  2. Lelah Reply:

    The average age of menopause in American women is 51, with a range of 48-55. This is when the period stops. Usually gradually.

  3. Christiane Reply:

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  4. Ella Reply:

    There is no way to stop your period. Your body has a period to clean itself out. If your periods are more than 7 days or they are extremely painful then you can talk to your doctor as you might be able to use birth control to help regulate … Source:

  5. Chantel Reply:

    If you are on hormonal birth control, better known as the pill, you can stop your body from getting your period. To do this skip the placebo pills in your pack, and you won’t get your menstrual flow. This is great for your wedding day or a … Source:

  6. Valarie Reply:

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  7. Edwina Reply:

    Hi, your period ends when menopause starts!!usually menopause starts in your mid 40s and up!!so you have a long way to go! Have you gone to your doctor or OBGYN to get examined?? Sometimes when a woman has kids, their pain/cramps tend to go away or are not as severe! I would advise you against having your uterus taken out, not now!! perhaps once you are 40 and up!

  8. Fay Reply:

    At what age do you stop having periods? Some people say at the age of 40. At what age can your period stop? between 55 -60. What age do women stop there

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