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What are some reasons for a missed period other than pregnancy?

Some reasons for missed periods are stress, busy or hectic schedule, over exercising, change in weight and menopause! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cecelia Reply:

    Most women will miss periods at some point in their lives for reasons other than pregnancy, but if a period does not return within two to three months, Source:

  2. Bong Reply:

    Stress is the biggest reason for not having your period after being pregnant other than an illness. You don’t say how old you are but not every woman gets her menses very 28 days for me it was more like every 34 days and I was perfectly nor

  3. Lynna Reply:

    Stress, rapid weight gain or weight loss , and illness. are the only reason a women should miss her period. Source:

  4. Carri Reply:

    There are many reasons, such as stress, illness, medications, being underweight, and menopause. Source:

  5. Jadwiga Reply:

    Stress, illness, change in schedules, change in medications, being overweight, and being underweight are all reasons for a missed. Source:

  6. Sharron Reply:

    Im showing multiple signs of pregnancy; tender breast,headaches,lower back pains,cramping,sleep more and missed period. However my period came on two weeks early and twice thi

  7. Willetta Reply:

    diildo still in there blocking path !

  8. Emelia Reply:

    Can your period be late for reasons other than pregnancy? Yes. What are some other reasons for spotting besides pregnancy? stress birth control vaginal

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