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What could having a two week long period mean?

An abnormally long period can indicate menopause! You should see you doctor if it continues! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ashley Reply:

    What dowse it mean if my period is two weeks long and brown

  2. Marchelle Reply:

    What Does a Brownish Discharge 2 Weeks Before My Period Mean?. You will probably be alarmed if you have any type of vaginal bleeding or spotting between Source:

  3. Lanora Reply:

    Two weeks long can mean the onset of menopause. If had my period for two weeks have been on the pill for six months but missed a day got

  4. Tam Reply:

    If your period lasts two weeks and it is troubling, it is best to make an appointment with your physician. Sometimes cycles run longer, but you may want to have it checked out. Source:

  5. Dale Reply:

    Your period could be two weeks early because of your body chemistry. If you have any stress in your life or you’ve recently changed your exercise routine, it can mess up your cycle a little bit. If you experience this more often you should … Source:

  6. Kirstie Reply:

    If your period is lasting that long, you ned to consult a doctor. Most periods should not last longer than 8 days. Maybe they can put you on something that will even you out or regulate the bleeding. Source:

  7. Tyesha Reply:

    Can you have implantation bleeding a spotting light pink to brownish week or two befor you your period a week late period is due the have? I had two days of color two weeks be

  8. Kati Reply:

    I would see a family doctor and ask him/her this question! It can be the birth control you are using that can be the problem! If you miss the pills, you arent supposed to take two at the same time silly! you are to take them the next day at the same time! Might cause a period but hey its okay to forget but no sex if you are sexually active for a few days until you are on track again! Its just your body all messed up from that and trying to get back to normal! Hormones are out of whack! Um another is quit them all together and start another pack (but ask the doc if its okay)!

  9. Roseanna Reply:

    What does it mean when your period lasts 2 weeks longer than usual? Improve What does it mean if you have your period last 1 week? It just means your

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