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What does a lot of brown discharge mean right before your period?

Brown discharge is a sign of several things: pregnancy, menopause, vulvovaginitis, STD’s, or Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)! Any Suggestions here?


  1. chelsy jennings Reply:

    Well what if you went from a normal period like spotting red to a flow, then a few months later start brown then go red then brown again? Ive had the start brown then go to red then go back to brown again for 12 weeks, any suggestions?

  2. Amber Reply:

    You might notice light red or brown spotting a few days before your period is to doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong, your menstrual cycle may just be turn heavy, so light spotting during pregnancy does not always mean you are Source:

  3. Cassandra Reply:

    Aug 11, 2011 Ugh.) Spotting could mean nothing and could be just a minor blip in your do you get spotting before your period? i got spotting but i havent gotten my period. . light spotting (pink and brown discharge) which i have never had before. I’ve never spotted, and my periods are usually extremely heavy!

  4. Georgine Reply:

    this is just a discharge from your body it nothing to worry about it. if it keeps occuring seek an professional helps! Source:

  5. Pansy Reply:

    it’s just to warn you that you’re about to come on. it’s basically blood to be honest. blood comes in all sorts of colours and that’s just nature’s way of preparing you. Source:

  6. Vicki Reply:

    well it usually takes about 6-12 months or sometimes earliar but its normally clear or white i thing when its brown it means you have an infection mybe but to be safe go to the doctor or look it up and hopefully you dont have an infection c… Source:

  7. Yvone Reply:

    I had my period last month, it was followed by a, it came for 24hrs, it was heavy, then it just stopped, all the while with cramps on the 16th of july thick white discharge, t

  8. Lean Reply:

    Cysts cause most people to stop having periods, and sometimes ovulate altogether! It just depends on how many there are and how big they are! Definitely go to the doctor for the discharge because milky/white and thicker are signs of yeast infection! there are tons of signs, they are just different for each person! its not really a big deal, youll just have to take Diflucan for a week! Easy peasy :)

  9. Pearline Reply:

    added What does it mean if you have dark brown discharge while pregnant to Yes, providing it is not heavy or very painful The doctor told me I'm more than 6 pinkish brownish discharge a few days off and on before your period mean? . if youre ovulating, then youre not pregnant. it's just ovulation spotting. it's normal.

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