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What does it mean if I feel hot and nauseous?

There are many things that can cause you to feel hot and nauseous, including the common cold, flu, pregnancy, menopause, and hyperthyroidism! If you have fever above 101 degrees, or if your symptoms continue or increase, call a doctor! Feel better! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nelida Reply:

    Keeping nourished will help stave off nausea sometimes associated with pain medication. Drink hot liquids if you feel any chest and/or shoulder pain in the hours and days How Long Does it Take to Recover From Gall Bladder Surgery ? Source:

  2. Nubia Reply:

    I mean has anybody experienced that and what does that mean? getting warm to the point im feeling really hot and some times a little nausea too. i think you will like this video. if you control the mind you controls the body

  3. Sharie Reply:

    There could be a number of reasons that cause nausea after you eat. It could be from over-eating, ulcers, IBS, food allergies, viruses, bacteria, parasites or even pregnancy. If your symptoms are persistent, worsen or are accompanied by fev… Source:

  4. Marceline Reply:

    There are many reason why you feel nauseous. The most common is you have the stomach virus. Another reason could be your pregnant. If you are nauseous for more than 3 days you should consult a physician. Source:

  5. Nancie Reply:

    Nausea is caused by many things. You could have a stomach bug or the flu. You might be pregnant. Talk to your doctor to find out what is making you nauseous. Source:

  6. Kaleigh Reply:

    Why would I suddenly feel very. (By the way I am NOT hot and nauseous? This happens to me periodically prego) For example… Yesterday morning I woke up, and felt fine… I go

  7. Evie Reply:

    Could be mild food poisoning! The virus should be gone within 24 hours!

  8. Venetta Reply:

    Do it mean your pregnant if you have a tingling feeling in your lower abdomen Is it a sign of pregnancy when you discharge and the discharge is very warm almost hot when it is. . I am not feeling nauseous but can I you still be pregnant

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