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What does it mean if you bleed when your not on your period. MORE?

This could mean that you are going through menopause or just have an abnormal schedule! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Eliane Reply:

    First of all you need to seek a professional oioinpn even if you feel it is embarrassing.You need to be sure that this is just’ a hemorrhoid and not something more serious. Next remember that lots of people have this problem at one or another point in their life.There are a couple of things you can do. See that you eat enough fiber to keep your stomach soft. Stay away from milk but drink plenty of fluid in general. If you feel you need to go then go. Don’t hold it back it will cause the stool to get more hard if it stays too long inside.After a restroom visits make sure that you clean your self up good swiping with paper is not enough. Wash your self or buy special swipes for hemorrhoids. You might want to supplement with a special lotion that will take the pain and make the hemorrhoid shrink. Another help is taking a hand shower and shower your behind with cold water while you attempt to press it in again. Good luck and don’t forget that a lot of people had that problem at one or another point. You just need to find a way to deal with it and it will diminish as to where it is not a problem.

  2. Dierdre Reply:

    It's not usually a cause for concern unless the bleeding turns heavy or the spotting occurs This is normal and will regulate itself the longer you are on the form of birth control. Expect your period to come early if you quit taking your pills. Source:

  3. Lizzette Reply:

    Can be hormonal changes, uterine fibroids, polyps, or even cancer. You should see a doctor if these changes occur.

  4. Lenna Reply:

    There can be different reasons why you maybe bleeding between your periods. If you have an IUD this can sometimes be a cause or possibly if you are on the pill it might need to be changed. This can also be a more serious cause so you should… Source:

  5. Aundrea Reply:

    There are many possible causes for bleeding between periods. It could be something as simple as missing a dose of birth control, or it could indicate somthing as serious as cancer. A visit to your doctor can help you determine for sure what… Source:

  6. Tarra Reply:

    There really is no way to stop bleeding from a period other than to just wait for your period to end. When you have your period your body is cleansing itself so trying to defy it does not work. Source:

  7. Britni Reply:

    Girlfriend – brown/black period blood, did not bleed heavily, short period? My girlfriend starts her period between the 15th and 20th, but almost always the 15th. She started

  8. Kerstin Reply:

    Periods will change throughout her life, some will be heavy, and some will be light! And some will be very crampy! There probably is absolutely no reason for the change! If the bleeding is severe, then she should go to a doctor! If the cramping is severe, then she should go to the doctor! She should just go to the doctor if she is feeling something that she is concerned about!And a not-nasty way to say he didnt bust a nut would be he didnt have an orgasm!

  9. Kerrie Reply:

    If you are not on the pill, ask your doctor to ensure it's not a sign of something more serious. What does it mean when there is bleeding between periods?

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