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What does it mean if you don’t have your period a whole Month?

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  1. Melissia Reply:

    If someone loves you, they want to know all about you. simply grossed out by the idea of bleeding for a week at a time every month. While the cons may be in the majority here, you don't want to overlook that this means you have the power in If he does not want anything to do with sex while you are on your period, find Source:

  2. Rosalee Reply:

    What does it mean if you don’t have your period for a month? It could be alot of things or really nothing at all it can be if your living with other

  3. Vernell Reply:

    Answer Elements don’t have whole numbers for their atomic masses because the atomic mass of an element must reflect the amounts of different isotopes of that element that occur in nature. A given element always has a fixed number of protons… Source:

  4. Alina Reply:

    Hiya, Its fine, you completely normal. -I missed 5months of Periods. You’ll always miss a period every now and again, it doesnt happen to everyone but it does to most girls. I can understand you will be worrying, thinking theres something w… Source:'t_have_periods_for_more_than_2_months

  5. Joanne Reply:

    doesn’t mean anything but if a boy touhed your fagina ( lower private spot ) and you don’t have your monthly period it means you are pregnant or if no boys didn’t touched your lower private spot that doesn’t mean anything so don’t be scared… Source:'t_have_my_monthly_period

  6. Corinna Reply:

    When do you consider your period your period the same time late if you dont get every month? I am tired, lower back hurts, getting up to pee at night, bloated BAD, I get 10x w

  7. Magali Reply:

    my grandmother had her period for two pregnancies, so yes you can have your period during your pregnancy! doctor told her it was perfectly normal and not to worry as there are no serious implications! sorry that you couldnt go without it for this wonderful journey!

  8. Daina Reply:

    What does it mean when you dont have your period for months at a time? There could And then there's all the emotional issues that you could be dealing with.

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