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What does it mean if your period is lighter than usual and the blood is pink?

If it is irregular, you should see a doctor!Some causes are: Stress, Normal adolescence, Perimenopause, Menopause, and Weight gain Any Suggestions here?


  1. Merrilee Reply:

    A light period is a menstrual cycle that is shorter and/or lighter than a woman's regular period. regular period or if her period does not exhibit as much blood flow as her normal period; Spotting before your period can occur for a variety of reasons. The term "light pink spotting" refers to trace amounts of blood that are Source:

  2. Jenine Reply:

    Sounds like to me that you might be pregnant! If you want you might be able to take a test in a few days using a First Response or another test used for early detection. Best of luck to you and i hope youre pregnant!

  3. Julietta Reply:

    If you have changed the way you eat or exercise , it can cause a period to be lighter. Most athletes have very light periods. Source:

  4. Lakia Reply:

    A light period can signify that you are under stress, perimenopausal, have experienced weight gain/weight loss, or have fibroids! Source:

  5. Peggie Reply:

    If your period is lighter than usual, you may be pregnant. Source:

  6. Elva Reply:

    my period was late 4 days more painful than usual ? can you help? i was on birth control, its lighter than usual and bills, i stopped taking them cause they made me sick, i di

  7. Indira Reply:

    I didnt have any implantation bleeding at all, not even a tiny bit, so Im not sure how much is normal or abnormal! But like you said you want personal answers, you can probably google that and see what is normal! I always read that it would be very very light and pink!I knew I was pregnant because I was having really bad cramping, and usually my period follows the next day if not within a couple hours, and nothing happened! Not that day, or the next, or the next!!To be honest, it kind of sounds too heavy to be implantation bleeding but maybe it is, that would be a really early period if it isnt!It kind of sucks, early pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are so similar! Good luck! (:

  8. Jacqualine Reply:

    Spotted pink blood a week after your period? What does pink period blood mean? If If your period was lighter than normal for you then you need to rule out

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