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What else can cause you to miss your period besides being pregnant?

The only things that will cause a missed period are pregnancy, menopause and not ovulating! It can be late or irregular though! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jerilyn Reply:

    A missed period can cause considerable concern for a woman, especially if she is for reasons other than pregnancy, but if a period does not return within two to three to skip periods and have rather erratic cycles without being pregnant. Source:

  2. Ardis Reply:

    I took 2 pregnancy tests just to make sure that it said I wasn’t pregnant. So my question iswhat else causes you to miss your period? could it

  3. Dominga Reply:

    Stress, rapid weight loss or gain, illness, certain medications & progestin-only birth control methods can cause a missed period. Source:

  4. Jadwiga Reply:

    A couple things can cause this number 1 is stress if you are having problems and are stressed it can cause you to miss your period. another thing is if u are having bad pains in your uterus you may want to see a gyno my wife missed like 5 m… Source:

  5. Marisha Reply:

    Stress, drug use, lack of nutritional dietry intake particularly when the period has not come for a number of months. Source:

  6. Lucy Reply:

    could u have unprotected sex 7 day before your period. become pregnant in that time period? i’m trying to figure out if to where u miss ur i might be farther along in this pre

  7. Renda Reply:

    Tell her to get her thyroids checked! Its a gland in the neck area! Women who have thyroid problems , most of the time have missed period or irregular menses!

  8. Larita Reply:

    What could cause you to miss your period other than being pregnant? Improve. In : Pregnancy Tests Why can you miss your period other then being pregnant?

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