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What happens right before a woman goes into menopause?

Signs that a woman is about to go through and is going into menopause include hot flashes, night sweats, and changes to her cycle! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Phillis Reply:

    What Symptoms Happen Right Before Menopause?. A woman's body goes through many changes as the stage of reproduction ends and menopause begins. In Source:

  2. Bea Reply:

    This is what *Jenny, my 50-year-old client said to me, right before she broke down go through menopause, which happens around 50 for the average woman.

  3. Brandie Reply:

    Then it might be broken. Source:

  4. Wanita Reply:

    There are may Symptoms like hot flushes,night sweats,mood changes such as irritability, depression or anxiety, drier skin, More? Source:

  5. Quyen Reply:

    A woman’s body goes through many changes as the stage of reproduction ends and menopause begins. In transitioning from menstruation to menopause, a woman may experience several symptoms and discomforts. Source:

  6. Izetta Reply:

    Should IVF ever be given to a woman who has already gone through menopause? s/asia/india/3683289/Indian-woman-gives- birth-at-age-of-7

  7. Emma Reply:

    I understand how your dr! told you that you may have a TAH cause my uterus was the size of a 9 week pregnancy on ultrasound and I was told that if it got 10 weeks or bigger than hed have to do it abdominally! As for bleeding, since you are not keeping your cervix you probably will have some healing bleeding! When the cervix is taken, there are stitches up at the top end of the vagina and these will dissolve! Your body will be going through major surgery! Women who have a hysterectomy can have tons of stitches inside to dissolve! I only had some bleeding after I got up once the epidural for pain was taken out and wore off! I only needed one pad then as the blood was from the surgery and just needed to escape! I was told that my eggs would simply disinigrate or dissolve! As far as ovaries being kept or being put on HRT, I think its better for your body to get natural hormones from your ovaries! I was on HRT for two years and got retested! My estrogen still came back low but my dr! thinks it was because I was on pain pills for over six years! I havent gone back on HRT since he wanted to wait till I was off the pain meds! Im off of them so I am planning for him to retest me! Theres always a chance that the ovaries can shut down but with the percentage after a hysterectomy! I think it may be worth it given what youve been through (I saw your other question and notice that youve had two blood transfusions)! I hope you will feel a lot healthier and not have to worry about the monthly mess or prolonged bleeding anymore! Also sometimes it can take a little while for the ovaries to wake up after surgery so dont feel like you will go into total surgical menopause after the surgery! Your body may feel out of place for awhile but once you heal you should feel a lot better! One thing that may happen if women have a cervix, its possible for linning to be shed every month like if they have endometriosis or adenomyosis (I mentioned that in your other post)! Some women like to keep their cervix as they think it will help support the bladder and in that case the dr! can cauterize the cervix during surgery if they want to keep the cervix!

  8. Rochel Reply:

    Adult women who have their ovaries removed however, go immediately into twins; approximately 5% of twins reach menopause before the age of 40. .. from complementary proximate (mechanistic) perspectives (how it happens) or from

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