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What happens to women when they take estrogen pills?

Women who have entered into menopause may take estrogen to curb the symptoms related to menopause, such as mood swings! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Delsie Reply:

    However, women who use the pill still get pregnant 1 percent of the time. Since birth control pills raise a woman's estrogen, they shouldn't be taken once a Source:

  2. Ardath Reply:

    Jul 18, 2011 They regulate our growth, development, metabolism , tissue function, sexual function, In women, estrogen circulates in the bloodstream and binds to Birth control pills ( oral contraceptives ) take advantage of this effect by

  3. Shella Reply:

    Men taking estrogen start noticing feminine qualities such as an increase in breast size. Source:

  4. Bernadine Reply:

    he starts to become more feminin Source:

  5. Karleen Reply:

    He comes out of the closet. Source:

  6. Corina Reply:

    are estrogen pills considered fertility pills? I want to conceive another of whack. The doctor prescribed me provera child. My cycl had been out to bring my cycle down. Then h

  7. Rona Reply:

    Your situation sounds very similar to mine! I had surgery when I was in my late teens for a septate vagina that also went up into the uterus! I discovered it when trying tampons for the first time and having trouble/pain because I couldnt understand why it wouldnt go in; it felt like something was in the way! Then I went to the gyno and they discovered what it was and suggested surgery! Really bizarre considering I have an identical twin and she did not have this problem! I went through the surgery and it was pretty straight forward, and afterwards I was prescribed some percocet and rest! Was a little bit uncomfortable for a few days, but everything healed perfectly and I did notice a difference in my periods after! They were more regular, slightly less painful, and slightly less blood! The wall almost had affected the flow of the period! The doctor told me I wouldnt have been able to have sex without this surgery!Now I dont have a truly septate uterus, but more of a heart shaped uterus! Can have a similar problem if the fertilized egg is in a corner not really designated as a good spot for the baby!I would suggest you get the surgery! It is not a scary procedure and I think you will thank yourself later for getting it done now! As for birth control, whether you get the procedure or not you can still get pregnant if the pills are affecting the effectiveness of your birth control! If you need to take the estrogen pills with your birth control for the uterine wall problem, remember there are other forms of birth control out there! Regarding the effects of the bills on your weight/breasts, pills affect people different ways! Often women can gain weight (water retention) and see bigger boobs on the pill! Some experiment with the different pills out there to reduce/increase whatever side effects they dont want / want! After you are off the pill, most people gradually see a reduction in the side effects whether it be weight gain or breast enhancement!

  8. Reginia Reply:

    Estrogens are a type of steroid hormones produced by both men and women. What happens if a man takes the pill? They grow breast, and get bigger hips

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