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What hormones can affect the color of your hair?

Estrogen from Menopause & pregnancy causes body heat which can affect your hair color! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carmel Reply:

    Changes in your hair color can be a symptom of certain diseases, including suffers nutritional deficiencies, which alter the levels of hormones that affect Source:

  2. Consuela Reply:

    Jul 19, 2007 Hi I’m 22yrs old and during the time i got pregnant with my daughter my hair color started to change I had very dark brown hair which i loved

  3. Marvel Reply:

    It’s documented your apparent natural haircolor can change over the course of several weeks/months from conditions that affect your hormones (such as pregnancy) or from taking certain medications (like chemotherapy). Source:

  4. Charmain Reply:

    As we grow older, we lose elasticity in our hair as well as in the rest of our body. When hair loses its elasticity it is more apt to break. Most of us will notice a change in our hair as we age. Our hair becomes thinner and finer. A compan… Source:

  5. Eura Reply:

    Answer: Hormones control the amount of melanin produced. Melanin affects ha… …MORE… Source:

  6. Rubie Reply:

    How do artificial hormones in meat hormones? I’ve been told that the hormones affect humans who consume these in meat have been “dumbing us down” and limiting our brain capaci

  7. Kenna Reply:

    I dont know how PMS makes someone angry but i suffer severely from mood swings the week before i start!Its terrible,im such a *****!

  8. Gisele Reply:

    Most doctors say no because they really don't know how it will affect the baby. It can be harmful to dye your hair when you're pregnant. my hair and I notice if my hormones are off the color is off and so I discussed it with a good hairdresser

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