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What if you have 2 periods in the same month?

Hormonal imbalance as a cause of frequent periods is often seen as a woman nears menopause & you need medical attention! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jonnie Reply:

    Many times you may need to calculate the number of work days between two dates. how many days you have worked in specific period if you are eligible to take a two days manually by starting with the number of days in each month from the generally considered the same as business days, a year should contain. Source:

  2. Glynis Reply:

    I had a second period just two weeks after my last one ended. What could the I am 17 and i dont know if this could be something serious. |. Did you find this Its an infertility problem, but you still have kids. They test you by

  3. Ronni Reply:

    Some women get their periods more frequently than others. The general time in between is 23-28 days. If you get it every 23 days, you’ll get it twice in one month sometimes. If it happens more frequently, I’d say see a doctor. Source:

  4. Elease Reply:

    There are many reasons that could happen. See a doctor. Birth control pill wouldhelp regulate your periods. It’s fairly common. Source:

  5. Torrie Reply:

    More than one period a month can be caused by a number of things. It can be bleeding around the time you ovulate but not a full blown period. Alot of women experience that. It could be endometriosis or even an std. The important thing is to… Source:

  6. Garnet Reply:

    My periods fluctuate each month does that mean i have irregular it to become pregnant? My cycles change from month periods and how hard is to month. I go from a 36 day cycle t

  7. Floretta Reply:

    It can happen from being stressful!

  8. Isela Reply:

    Go see your doctor if you do not have insurance go to your nearest clinic. Does spotting after 2 periods in one month mean your pregnant? that depends on if

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