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What is the best over the counter remedy for menopause?

Natrol Menopause Formula is one of the best over the counter menopause supplements! This formula has a high amount of calcium, and is hormone free! It also has effective natural ingredients like soy and black cohosh which is known to reduce menopause symptoms! You can easily purchase this from drug stores or even online! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Brenda Reply:

    It was very nice of you to write your story!!!!! It was also wonderful how you described the different hormones!!!!!!!I would love to know what natural progesterone cream you do use!!!! You didn’t mention where or how you received it!!!!
    I hope you have a great day!!!!


  2. Adriana Reply:

    Over the Counter Medicine to Help With Menopause. Menopause is the available without a The Best Over-the-Counter Flea Medicine for Dogs & Cats Source:

  3. Eloise Reply:

    Jul 17, 2009 The top alternative treatments for reducing the signs and symptoms of natural hormones may be effective treatments for relief menopausal symptoms. Promensil is a dietary supplement that is available over-the-counter,

  4. Dreama Reply:

    First, you have to decide if there really is such a thing, and it seems the jury is still out on this. Source:

  5. Shawn Reply:

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  6. Lanora Reply:

    There are two different aspects to choosing an over-the-counter cold remedy–fighting the cause of your sickness, and lessening the severity of the infection’s effect. This article will focus on relief of symptoms, identifying what they are… Source:

  7. Catrice Reply:

    Can someone tell me a REAL remedy for acne scars that over the counter I will actually works?It can be home remedy or try home remedies first for a month or two, and if it doe

  8. Kiara Reply:

    JJ,First of all, how old are you?? An understanding of what menopause is, your symptoms and various issues you are having to resolve not only your night sweats would be helpful! Very few over the counter products are an instant remedy!This article may help you to understand about menopause!What is menopause??Menopause is the cessation (end) of menstrual bleeding signaling that estrogen production has fallen to a very low level, preventing the build up and shedding of uterine tissue every month (menstruation) ! It is the mark of the end of reproduction!The drop in levels of estrogen is due to the inability of the ovaries to manufacture the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone! A woman is never totally deficient of estrogen, although her estrogen levels drop below a point that creates monthly menstrual cycles!In other words, menopause is a marker of ovarian failure, because the body can no longer ripen and mature the remaining follicles into eggs for fertilization! This happens around about age 50-55, although women are entering menopause much earlier now!It is the follicles within the ovaries that produce the vast majority of estrogen and progesterone which is produced after the ovary has popped (ovulation)!Symptoms of MenopauseMenopausal symptoms are triggered by the drop of estrogen, and varying in intensity!These are the most common:absence of periods hot flushes / flashes aches and pains – joint, neck, backache dizziness headaches vaginal dryness or itching bladder problems – stress incontinence, other irritations, prone to infections dry and aging skin – loss of elasticity crawling or itching sensations under skin poor sleep patterns – commonly waking 12pm, 2am and 4am foggy thinking emotional changes – anxiety, irritability, depression, loss of self-esteem, lacking confidence, panic attacks, and many more physical exhaustionEasing the Symptoms of MenopauseAs we age and enter menopause, our hormone levels abruptly change, heralding a degree of discomfort (and risk) for some! But lets state for the record that not every woman requires hormone replacement therapy!A vast majority of menopausal problems can be avoided by good nutrition, avoidance of toxins, regular moderate exercise, some lifestyle changes and regular salivary hormone profiles to ensure our hormones continue to fall within an ideal reference range!If you experience any of the symptoms listed above (that are associated with estrogen dominance), then supplementing with natural progesterone cream will certainly help!Progesterone therapy will not cause a woman to go back into monthly cycles if she has truly entered menopause because it is estrogen that creates the monthly cycles not progesterone! The build up of the endometrial tissue is under the influence of estrogen, not progesterone!It is the drop of estrogen that signals menopause and stops your period! A woman can have stopped ovulating, and be infertile many years before her periods stop!If you would like more important information on Natural Progesterone, or have other questions, Ill try to answer; please reply! Im 54 in post menopause and use a natural progesterone cream that has helped me, plus eating organic fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables! Less processed foods the better, some exercise is beneficial also! Peggy

  9. Henriette Reply:

    There are also other OTC menopausal medications but ALWAYS check the ingredients and ask a pharmacist if it is safe to take with your current medications.

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